Are your Hormones to blame?

If you’re at your wits end with weight loss strategies that no longer work, you need to speak to us!

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At The Well Clinic, we do Weight Loss really WELL!

Our Personalised Nutrition Plans are created based on your blood tests,
matching the ideal foods to your unique biochemistry.

Our holistic programs are designed specifically for women 40 plus, when changing hormones mean what used to work for weight management suddenly doesn’t.

Welcome the The Well Clinic… where we love nothing more than helping you reset your metabolism to get your body (and your life) back!

How We Can Help You

Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan

Do you struggle to lose weight and have no idea why the things you used to do no longer work? Are your hormones wreaking havoc, making you irritable, cranky and emotional? Do you long for the energy of your youth? Our Metabolic Balance® Program includes a Personalised Nutrition Plan, based on blood tests that will reset your body and transform your life.

Online Nutrition Mastermind

We have designed the perfect weight loss program for busy women – one that gives you the support & accountability you need, delivered in a fun & convenient group environment. Weekly online coaching calls and a supportive sisterhood mean you will literally have fun while you lose weight.

It’s time you joined our mastermind to Nourish Yourself Slim!

Supplement Regimens

Based on a review of your blood tests and healthy history, we will prescribe a bespoke supplement regimen, using practitioner-grade formulas, that will help you feel better faster. 

No more guessing what you need, or picking poor-quality supplements from the supermarket – this protocol is designed exclusively for you.

Hi there…

I’m Hayley and I’m a Nutritionist & Certified Metabolic Balance® Coach. I created The Well Clinic to do weight loss differently… to focus first on improving my client’s health & wellbeing, so then the weight naturally falls away. Trust me, this is the ONLY way to enjoy a healthy weight for life – and the secret to never having to ‘diet’ again!

I  have spent more than a decade helping women with their struggles around changing bodies, whacky hormones, stress and emotional wellbeing.  And I’m passionate about guiding women just like   you to look and feel great in your own skin and love your life.

I want you to know …..

…getting healthy is way easier than you think!

No more depriving yourself with boring diets – it’s time to reset your metabolism, transform your body and and start living the life you want!   We work with you closely for a minimum of 12 weeks, educating you on the   right foods, portion sizes and healthy lifestyle hacks for YOU… you will be   truly transformed.



Client Testimonials

“When I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid I knew I needed an expert to help with weight and energy. I now have more energy and have released more than 10kg while never feeling hungry. Hayley is very caring and understanding and with you every step of the way to help ensure you reach your goals”


Central Coast

“I was surprised at how easily I shed 10kgs in 2 months, even while still having “treat weekends” after the initial stage! Metabolic Balance® is extremely doable – it is sensible eating without being extreme and you are eating normal wholesome food!!”



“What I loved most was how individual the plan is – it is based on my unique biochemistry, it isn’t another fitness challenge through a gym or an ebook. I also love the continued support and I feel like the regular check-ins really kept me on track. I was surprised how easy the weight came off… I have never had a fast metabolism and I have never experienced weight loss like it!”




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